Saturday, April 07, 2007

Flashback for Easter: 2003-2007

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter whether you celebrate the Resurrection or the beginning of Spring!

I have missed a few "Flashback Fridays" so I will try to make up for it today with a flashback of some Easter moments. I am putting up two different videos. The first is family video of the girls last Easter. If you aren't family you may not be too interested in it because it is kind of long, but the girls are pretty darn cute in my opinion and you can listen to Brad's narration...which is usually pretty good for a few laughs. *seriously, I had to do some major editing to keep out some of his random ramblings*

The second video is a series of photos I put to some festive Easter medleys. It starts with photos from 2003 and goes to this year. The first few photos are of me and the hubby. We went on our honeymoon and got married in April of 2003, in that order...I'll explain at a later date. The one of us sitting in the yard is when I was about 5 months preggers with Kenzie. Then on to Kenzie's first Easter, Lyanna's first Easter......then a couple of pics from this year.

All of the pictures are taken in April or on Easter. It is a nice spring theme for the holiday. I hope you enjoy them.

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sherryandkaty said...

Great vids! I got a big chuckle out of Kenzie turning around backwards to go down steps....and even over the curb! How cute! I bet she doesn't do it anymore, now she probably jumps down like Katy! Awesome videos, thanks for sharing.