Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm Outta Here!

Never fear, I am not leaving the blog world. I am just off for a "girl's" weekend.
I and 5 of my friends are off for a weekend of girl time. No husbands, kids, or stress...

We're gonna have lots of good gossip *is that possible?can gossip be good?*, good food, and artsy fartsy time. OMG this weekend away is for scrapbooking!!!

Yes, yes, I brother already busted me out about it. Not a typical Lee kinda activity, but like I told him. These are my friends and I'm getting into the whole scrapbook thing because they love it and it's a great way for us to do some bonding. Lord knows I need to get some closer friends, I am scrappin' it.

I went out and stocked up on candy and things with peanuts that I love to eat. It's my chance to eat Nutter Butters and Turtle Chex Mix since Lyanna can't have peanuts and I won't allow them in the house. I also bought Chewy Sweettarts, Bubble Gum, M&M's *good ole fasioned plain*, and a box of Good n Plenty. I LOVE licorice!!! Yes you can send me all your left over black jelly beans from Easter and I will be a happy woman.

So, I will see you all after the weekend. Wish me fun, and wish the hubby luck because it's his first weekend alone with the girls.

I love you Baby! Thanks for the weekend away!


Diner Girl said...

Have a great weekend!!!

And fuck scrapbooking -- break out the wine and a deck of cards!!!

Lee said...

I had a wonderful time..updates to come.

The cards and alcohol are coming up in June..oh yeah..and darts, we're going to play with sharp, shiny, objects.

Diner Girl said...

Cards, booze and darts. Now THAT's my kind of weekend. :)