Monday, April 16, 2007

Is it Monday again?

I have been lax again and haven't been keeping up. I have some good excuses.

1. My grandfather passed away.

2. My parents were here for a couple of days.

3. I have two toddlers to chase around.

4. I am an excellent procrastinator.

5. I picked up a book and started reading again.

There are the top five. I'm sure I could come up with some more if I put a little more effort into trying.

I think I will start out with a continuation of my "cars I have driven" post. So......Da Duh duh Da!!!! Car number 2 in the series.

This is an early 80's Buick Regal Station Wagon. The color is an exact match to the one we had. A sort of metallic powder blue. I also associate this car so much with my dad. It cracks me up to see this picture and how much this it looks like ours. Who knows this car may have been ours.....

I chose Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" for this car. 1986 music....I drove this car my Junior and Senior year of high school. That was one of my favorite songs at the time and still is. I can remember singing to the song many times in that station wagon. Now let me clarify for all of you....this was not "my" car. It was my parent's car. I was allowed to drive it sometimes on the weekends with my friends. Other than that I mostly drove it on errands or after school/evening school activities.

When I went out on the weekends I usually went with one of my friends who had their own car. I usually drove their cars..which was fun cause some of them had some really cool cars. BUT...this was the main car I drove that belonged to MY family.

Everyone knew me in "the wagon". We cruised Main Street, or Drug endless loop from one end of town to the other. You started at the Grocery store and the turn around was in Sonic. If you really wanted someone to see you you parked in Sonic and waited for them to pull in too. I know, I know so typical small town teen stuff.

My friends loved it when I got to drive the wagon. We could pile twice as many of us in there than in anyone else's car. Heck, I even bought booze on my own a couple of times in that car.

This car had a much sadder fate than the Torino. My parents eventually gave the wagon to my brother. He drove it til something was wrong with it and then let it rust out in his garage. Poor wagon...silly brother. I think they had to get a truck to come and get it and carry it off. Maybe someone used it's parts for another car and it lives on.....


sherryandkaty said...

I so remember that car! Damn, we could get a Coke at Sonic for under a dollar then! Good times, good times!

Diner Girl said...

I drove a 1984 Chevrolet Celebrity Stationwagon in high school and the first year I was out of college. Wagons are AWESOME! I wish they were still around instead of minivans or SUVs.

Lee said...


Do you remember the little platic animals that would come with your drinks attached to your straw? I still have some tucked away in a box somewhere...

DG- It was an awesome vehicle to drive, but I used to be embarrassed by it too. I wanted a car that wasn't my mom and dad's primary car. I didn't get my own set of wheels til I was 21 and a sophmore in college.