Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home Again Home Again

I have so many things to talk about: Friday at the Stables, Scrapbookin', Monday night at the "Circus" and just the normal boring everyday stuffage.

So...Friday we went to the horse stables. Kenzie LOVES horses. She has just recently discovered My Little Pony and is all about them. We went last year but she was just a little young to really appreciate the horses. This year was totally different.

She HAD to wear her cowboy boots, even though they are too small for her now.
Can't go see or ride horses without boots!

They had a miniature horse which she got to feed and pet and poke. She was sooo happy to play with him. THEN...they got to ride on a horse. It was her first time!

She knew she had to wear a helmet and was so excited when it was her turn to put it on. The first thing she said when they placed her up on the horse was YYeeeeHaaawww! Then the trainer walked the horse in a circle. The smile on Kenzie's face was Huge! I think we definitely are going to have to get her riding lessons.

Lyanna liked the horses too. She kept trying to feed the little miniature horse dirt. It was pretty darn cute.

Here are some photos from Friday. I'll save the weekend with the girls for the next post.

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sherryandkaty said...

How cute! Katy loves to ride horses, sometimes I think she prefers horses to people! Can't wait to hear about your weekend.