Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Night, I'm Gonna Beat my Husband's Ass, Football

I play my husband's team today in my money Fantasy League. It has gotten down to our two secondary running backs. I am winning by one point. It has been back and forth all night. It gets a little tense around here when we play each other. I think it's fun. Specially when I win. Nothing's finished yet...I'll let you know. * I really do think I'm gonna beat his ass though*

My mother-in-law and I went shopping on Friday. I had a babysitter for the day so we took a girl's day out. It was nice, I made myself buy a new outfit and I wore it today and got lots of nice compliments. I have to make myself buy things for myself sometimes. I just find it easier to buy things for everyone but myself.

We were discussing my post partem problems and how women seem to be more prone to having nervous/panic/post partem problems. She had a theory as to why that happens. What if that is one of nature's ways of making sure the mother stays close to the home and takes care of her children/family? It makes sense. Your body chemistry is just supposed to work that way. I think she's on to something there.

Because I haven't had any amazing thoughts lately, I am going to leave you with a poem today. This poem is dedicated to my friend Leahe. Many years ago in my past life *my first marriage* I went to visit her in Asheville. I had a lovely time and we went on an awesome hike in the mountains. This is the poem I wrote when I arrived back home. She just now bought her first computer and sent me an email today. I'm so proud of her joining the cyberspace world! So here is your poem Leahe, I love you!!

North Carolina Afternoon

Through the rhododendron
like a cave of green
Spots of light are dancing, fleeting,
Sparkling in the rocks from marcasite
Sky and lush covered mountains
kissed by clouds
Warm breezes
Smell of damp, rich , earth,
green and clean and fresh.
Buzzing of the bees
around blue and white stars
Peeking out the underbrush
Moss covered bark
and a huge patch of blueberries
I could stay here forever.

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