Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kids Can be Just so Darn Cute

I have to talk about my oldest daughter today. She just did some things recently that were just so cute! At least to me...

She has just rediscovered Elmo. She really loved watching Elmo when she was a year old and then just kind of fazed out on him. Now she is asking to watch her Elmo videos again and last night she went and picked out her Elmo doll to take to bed.

As she was walking to the stairs she passed the hall table where I have two bud vases full of roses from our garden. She put Elmo up to the flowers so he could smell them. "There Elmo, smells good", she said and then proceded to climb up the stairs to her room. It was one of the cutest things I've seen her do in a long time. I guess you would just have had to have seen it for yourself.

Tonight we took them both to Wally World to get new shoes. They have outgrown their sneakers and needed new ones. After shopping we went to Ci Ci's to eat and then to the pet store. Kenzie loves to look at all the animals. She likes all of them: fish, snakes, tarantulas, lizards, puppies, mice, rabbits, birds. She runs from one cage to another saying hello to each animal. Brad asked to see the Basset Hound that was there and got in the little booth with Kenzie to play with the puppy. She LOVED that dog. She kept saying "Hi, little guy! Hi little guy!" She was giggling and loving on the puppy. When we left she cried her little heart out because "Little Guy" wasn't coming home with us.

I know she misses the cats being in the house. She used to love on Helen and Randall. She would bury her face in them and lay on them. I know they miss being inside with her as well. Allergies just suck. Poor little Lyanna.

Oh something else Kenzie has started doing..she calls Brad. Daddy Brad or just Brad. It's pretty funny, but it's driving him crazy. Hee hee!

New addition to my blog: My Netflix list of the moment and Books I am currently reading. I tend to go back and read things I've read before *usually a long time ago* so some of them you may go "huh?" but that's okay. I have accepted that I'm kinda weird, specially when it comes to what I like to read.

I just finished reading the 4th book of the Theives World Series, a set of books I read when I was in Jr. High. I have to admit it's a lot different reading it now. I am now finishing a period romance by Anya Seton. I don't usually read romance novels but I really like Anya Seton. If you like medieval settings and drama I HIGHLY recommend the novel Green Darkness. I LOVE that story. I think I've read it four or five times. It is rather long and takes a while to get through. Very good love story and I never knew the author was a romance novelist until a few years ago. I thought she was just a period writer. I was suprised to say the least.

Anyway....I am currently reading The Sword and the Mistletoe, The Eye's of the Dragon, The DNA of Relationships, and The Bathtub's Overflowing, So Why Do I Feel Drained. I know, I can't just read one book at a time....I get bored.

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ian said...

I wonder if there's html code to put your Netflix queue on your blog. I should check for it. I've seen code for books. That'd be neat.

I remember reading one of the Thieves' World books back in the day myself.