Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Good with the Bad

The past two days have been a mix of highs and lows. My parents were here on Tuesday from Arkansas. They had been up in New Jersey visiting my step-granpa. They were only here for the one day before they had to leave. Wednesday morning was tough on me. It affects me very deeply whenever they leave. I am extremely sad because I miss them so much and I know that the girls and my parents are missing out on so much by not being around each other more.

So...I was deep in the blues Wednesday morning. On top of the blues I am fighting a nasty UTI. The medicine I take for it is pretty strong and I feel naseous and icky because of the whole thing.

Brad called me that morning after my parents left and had an idea...why don't we take the plane and go to Colombus for dinner for Indian food. I hadn't been up in the new plane yet so I was apprehensive about it, but I knew I had to do it sometime so I said "okay". His Dad and step-mom agreed to keep the girls overnight so we could go.

Took the girls over to their house around four, got up and off the ground around 4:30. It was a beautiful day for flying. I had a pretty good time. The ride was smooth and the area is so beautiful. It was a short flight, only about 40 minutes.

We took a cab to the Indian Oven. Dinner was sooooo good, and we even ordered some food to go. Got back to the plane around 7:00 and we were back at home by 9:00. Very romantic evening. My blue day was made rosy. I had a wonderful time and I'm ready to fly again!

Today ended up being a crappy day. Unfortunately it is also Brad's birthday..I'm going to pretend his birthday was yesterday...we did a much better job of celebrating things yesterday.

Today I took Lyanna to the allergist. She is allergic to cats, eggs, and peanuts. AND..the doc wants us to treat her for asthma. We are at a loss and are feeling very overwhelmed by it all.

From what the doc said and from what we have been able to read in a short time, we have to get rid of one of our cats and the other two will become strictly outside critters. My oldest cat Helen would never be happy living outside so she is going to have to find a new home. It's heartbreaking for me and Brad. I have had Helen for over 13 years. I love her so much..but I love my daughter even more. I want them both to live happy healthy lives, even if Helen's isn't much longer.

We are going to have to do some things with the house as well...some of the carpeting is going to have to go, and I don't even want to think what the next trip to the grocery store is going to be like. The doc said NO EXPOSURE whatsoever to those three things...

Things are going to get interesting around here....


ian said...

Two of my kids have asthma and all three have allergies. That all comes from my wife's side of the family. Although they tested allergic to cat/dog hair, we decided not to eliminate our animals. Instead, we've been careful monitoring the kids' health and discovered that their allergies are a lot more minor than originally diagnosed. It might be worth checking into this yourself - sometimes the regular meds can make it possible for allergic kids to live with the animals they love so much.


PS: I emailed Brad an airplane question - can you let him know in case he hasn't checked his email recently?

LeeAndra said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ian. We aren't doing anything definite yet... I'll pass the word on to Brad.


Diner Girl said...

Hang in there with the allergy and asthma stuff. My friend's daughter (age 3) also got a similar diagnosis and the food stuff was right on target. The animals, not so much. I'm just thankful that the only problems they have are allergenic and not more serious, you know?

LeeAndra said...

You are so right DGirl. We have calmed down some from the initial shock of it. The cats are still outside and reading labels is interesting...and I do thank God that allergies are the worst thing we've had to face.