Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Night Ain't Nobody Scoring Football

I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football. This game is going NOWHERE! I can't believe it's 3-0. One good thing: I am kicking much ass in both my fantasy leagues. I am currently the high scorer this week in my "serious" league and second high score in my "funzie" league. I love when I win twice. I also got my new jersey today. Every year my husband and I have played we get the jersey of one of our players. I have L.T., Culpepper, *didn't get one last year for some reason*, and Chris Cooley this year. Chris is not my main man on my team but he's the first Redskin I have had on one of my teams and I have always been a Redskin fan. I got that from my dad. Anyway, I did the happy dance when we came home from eating out and the UPS box was leaning up against the door with my new husband loves me. He thinks it's awesome that his wife loves football as much as he does.

We are doing better with the whole allergy thing. The cats are still outside and they hate it, but they are getting used to sleeping in the garage. We went and got a second opinion on the whole asthma thing. The second doc agreed with the first BUT she is open to more options in treatment and I like that. Instead of getting a nebulizer and a small fortune in drugs, we are trying Singulair..or however it's spelled. Zyrtec at night and we now carry the epipen with us wherever we go. It is scary to think that something your child might eat could potentially be fatal, but there are things that could be worse.

We had an really great weekend. Sunday there was a huge airshow at the airport where we have our plane. We went out to the hanger and set up the baby gate for the girls and pulled the plane out of the hanger for the show. Had some of our friends to come out and cooked out on the grill and hung out and watched the crazy pilots do their flips and turns and loop de loops. I don't know how they do it. I thought I might puke just watching them. It was a beautiful day, but kind of hot. The girls had a great time just playing. I think we are going to make it a yearly event.

Not much else going on around here...I might just have to write a story or something....

Oh and I signed up for Netflix tonight....

Here are two new pics of the girls:

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ian said...

Yay! Write a story! And yay for Netflix! I LURVE Netflix. For the price of less than a single date night, I can watch as many movies a month as I can cram into my busy schedule (which is, sadly, very few).