Saturday, April 15, 2006

Time to Catch Up!

Well, it's been awhile since I've been able to write. There have been a lot of things going on around here since April 1st. Cousin Robert came up for a visit. That was fun, it was so nice to have someone from the family here! I think he liked the van, but being around the girls made him miss his little Maddy. I know he was glad to get home again. Here he is modeling one of our many music know you love it!

I hope none of you were worried when everything disappeared for a bit. Sometimes life has a way of throwing you a kink now and then. We just had one of those times. Everything is good, everyone is fine, and life is groovy once again. No worries!

Lyanna Cole is crawling!!! She is quite the little adventurer. She is crawling all over the house and will go from the living room into the kitchen in seconds. I don't think she will be crawling very long though. She is already trying to pull up on the table and stand on her legs. I think she wants to keep up with Kenzie.

Tomorrow is Easter!! We will get up early with the girls so they can play with their basket goodies and then we will go to church. We are going to have dinner with the family later in the day. It will be so nice. A good time to celebrate the sacrifice of our saviour Jesus. I hope all of you spend the day celebrating in your own special ways...whether it is the rebirth of the earth/spring or Jesus' resurrection, it is a special day.

I am going to just put up some pictures of the family now and quit will be more interesting when I get back to day to day...oh, and here is a link just for funzies.

Brad washing windows from our Spring Cleaning day!

Close up of roses from our anniversary.

Queen Kenzie in the bath!

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