Friday, February 10, 2006

Soooo, I tried the drugs from the psychiatrist.... VERY VERY BAD!!! I totally freaked out on them. He started me out on 25mg of Zoloft. A very small amount, but it made me manic. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't focus my attention on anything, I was pacing around the house like mad. My head felt like it was full of cotton. Not cool, not cool at all. How do people do drugs that do that to them and function...or like it? It's beyond me. After that I decided I DO NOT want to take any drugs for my anxiety/depression.

I have ordered a light spectrum lamp. Maybe getting that "sunlight" will help me, and my diet and exercising should be helping some too. I'm not as bad as I was right after Lyanna was born. My psychologist says it's totally up to me and she thinks I will be fine without drugs, but I will still have panic attacks at times.

I also asked her about the "inner voice" of the girls. She says that since they are so little thy don't have the language to have that voice but they think in how they can know that for a fact I don't know. I guess that's the "theory". It makes sense though.


Nickey said...

If you're set on not taking anymore psychoactive drugs, you might try taking Omega-3 capsules. You can take that daily without it making you feel weird. It'll take the edge off any mood swings you have and reduce frequency. And if you're less tense it will probably lead to fewer panic attacks too. Plus, it's good for your joints! *L* It takes a couple of weeks for you to see an overall effect, but you'll probably notice a difference in just a couple days. If not, you can call me and tell me I was wrong...but I'm not. :)

Nickey said...

Ok I can't remember the brand name of the ones you should get, but I do remember that the bottle comes in a shiny silver box and the silver goes into a blue color on the top right corner. And the # of capsules is in the bottom left corner. You can get a bottle of 30 or 60. I think the 30 is in a little yellow box in the bottom left corner and the 60 is in red. That's all I remember, but I'd recommend those.