Monday, February 27, 2006

Funky Day

Today was truly a funky day. I'm still not getting much sleep. Lyanna keeps waking up every 3 hours or so, and Kenzie for some reason is waking up at night again. Kenzie usually falls right back to sleep but not always. I find myself juggling children at 3 am. Brad helps, he gets up and makes bottles for Lyanna. Which is a great help, because if he didn't she'd end up screaming her head off.

One night of un interrupted sleep will be sooooooo freaking nice. So..I got up today, fed both the girls, watched some t.v. with them *Baby Einstein* of course. Then did my weights work out. Goofed off with the girls some but they are both sort of cranky today. Lyanna has a runny nose and Kenzie is cutting molars..ugh! Fixed them lunch and put KC down for a nap. Of course Lyanna doesn't want to sleep at all. She just wants to be held all day. So I end up carrying her around all afternoon. She finally takes a nap around 3:30. Just in time for Brad to come home and Kenzie to wake up...

I got no LeeAndra time today!!! I wanted to go and take a nice long bubble bath after dinner..went and ran the water...forgot the washing machine was hot water for me. *much weeping and wailing* fucking figures. Nothing was working right for me today.

I'm hungry as hell, I want something sweet and very bad for me. Ice cream, candy bars, cookies, chocolate cake, doughnuts.....oooooooooooo Doughnuts from the place back mouth is watering. Anything with lots and lots of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmm sugar.

I didn't lose any weight last week...still at 128lbs...ugh. That kinda bummed me out too. I should be hard core sticking to my diet cause of that but I only want to cheat on it more.

I just wish I had someone to go shopping with me...I miss my mom for that and Leahe. We always had a blast going shopping. Oh well... such is life.

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