Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why are you in my world?

Lots to talk about today.

1st think on my mind tonight. When did everyone become so absorbed in their own little worlds that they can do whatever they want and get pissed off when they get caught not following the rules? My husband says all the time to folks: "Oops sorry, I crossed into your world." I swear I have had at least 6-10 people just run redlights and/or stop signs and about plow into me. When I honk my horn or gesticulate at them to let them know my complete displeasure in their failure to follow the rules of the road, they look at me like I am crazy or rudely gesticulate at me as if I have done something wrong. Since when did stop signs become "suggestions"? Sheesh....they must be texting. (This is just one example, I'm sure I'll get to talking about others sooner or later)

Going to Dallas tomorrow. YAY!! Brad and I are going down to Texas to see the Arkansas/Texas A&M game. Woo Pigs! We are going to see both my cousins and their spouses and some of our Arkansas friends. I can't wait to get "down South"!!

Too tired to write least I'm staying consistent...

Here is something to amuse. My husband at his surprise 40th birthday party, teaching all our Ohio friends how to call the Hogs!


elizinashe said...

what? no bats this year on your porch? the words of Edina of Ab Fab fame, 'Let's tax the stupid people!'

Lana said...

That video is hilarious. We had a great time seeing y'all last weekend. I hope y'all had easy flights home.

Love ya,