Monday, October 12, 2009

I've got to Ramble on...

Watching Monday Night Football...kind of. Really just surfing around the web and decided I needed to blog a little.
I'm a little discouraged with football right now. My fantasy team sucketh muchly and no matter what I do, I just can't seem to win a game.
Brad is lost in facebook and videos....something about a iguana and ping pong balls...sounds kind of kinky to me....and he says I'm addicted to Facebook.

Been trying to get ready for Halloween. We are having a party again on the Friday before. Brad is worried that we aren't going to have that great a turn-out. I think he's crazy, our Halloween Party was kick ass last year. Wehave a 6ft tall Grim Reaper dude at our front door. It is scary! He says "BEEEWAARRREEEE!" I keep unplugging him when it gets dark because every time I walk by him he scares me.

Lyanna has two black eyes. She was "twirly dancing" Thursday night in the living room and tripped. Went face first into the coffe table, which is a stone top table. It made a terrible smack sound and I was scared to look at her for a few seconds because I just knew she had busted her skull open or broken her nose...but no blood just a HUGE goose egg right between the eyes above her nose. Now, on Monday, she has a big yellow/green spot on her head and the inside of her eyes are make matters worse....
She is dancing again playing with a balloon outside on the driveway today, once again in her own little la la la world, not paying attention to ANYTHING except the balloon and runs eye first into the tailgate of Tundra Moster she has almost a complete black eye.
She told me it was hurting her at bath time tonight and she needed a band aid: "right under my lashes mommy". She went to bed with a Littlest Pet Shop band aid under her eye. It must have helped because she was asleep before I finished the second bed time story.

A funny thing Lyanna said:

The stuff after the movie "Snow White" on the new DVD is the "impermation" stuff about the movie.

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