Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and Christenings

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. We did our usual....exchanged cards and gifts then took the girls out to dinner. Kenzie wanted to go to "Mex-tico" so that's what we did.

After dinner we went to the pet store to get her a new fish. Sadly, her goldfish died last week and we promised her we'd get her a new fish on Val's day. Last year we ended up getting a dog on Valentine's so...I think a fish is a much better deal.

She picked out a really beautiful beta this time. It is a nice dark blue on his fins and then his inner body is red. It almost gives him a purple coloring all over from the mix.

It was a nice Valentine's with several margarita's over the course of the evening....YUM!

Today a younger couple we met through our church and sponsored as new members had their baby baptised. They don't live here anymore, but are close and decided to come here for the baptism.
The baby is absolutely beautiful and I got to hold her and feed her even! I just love babies!

We went to lunch with their families afterwards and it was just an overall lovely afternoon. The girls are sleeping now and I am procrastinating going to the grocery store. I really just want to take a nap myself but I have too much crap that needs to be done, and I am feeling to lazy to do it all, but knowing that it needs to be done keeps me from being able to relax..does that make any sense?

Bleh, I want a housekeeper like on the Brady Bunch....anyone know a good "Alice" for hire?


elizinashe said...

No Alice's here. I keep hoping for a pool boy to do all my dirty work and rub my feet at the end of my day. Ah, a girl can dream, eh?

elizinashe said...

P.S. I'll gladly be your Alice however, I refuse to wear a crappy blue uniform or any kind of uniform for that matter, and your local butcher better be steamin' hot!! :)

Lee said...

now that was funny!