Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tarot Card Today

I had done this before and decided to try it again. Last time I got The Tower. I wonder what I checked off different.... I like this one better.

The girls went to school yesterday and I managed to get up and do my exercise. Did some laundry, cleaned up a little, and then went up to the plant to see Brad.

We went to lunch and to the Party Supplies store in Parkersburg. We are going to have a "Mardi Gras" party on Saturday. We are having crawfish shipped in, a King Cake, and I'm making some homemade Gumbo, we also are having boudin, adouille, gator, and of course HURRICANES!! There are 5 other couples coming and we should have a good time. I'm looking forward to it...mmmm crawfish!!

I will be cool to introduce some southern traditions to our northern friends. Many of them have never had crawfish, I wonder if we will be able to talk them into sucking the heads?

Today is a day at home with the girls. It is snowing a little, but nothing to accumulate much. I think we will go to the library this afternoon. Not too much going on today, which is a good thing.

Anyway, here is my Tarot Card:

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

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