Thursday, February 19, 2009

Band-Aids and Kitchen Cabinets

So, I thought I would share this little antedote about Kenzie with you all. Yesterday, when I went to the store, I thought I would be super cool mommy and get the girls some new band-aids. I bought a box of Littlest Pet Shop and a box of Hello Kitty.

When Kenzie saw the Littlest Pet Shop band-aids she went crazy! She was so excited about them. She wanted one on RIGHT THEN! She talked me out of three. She had legitimate boo boos on her fingers and one "psuedo" boo boo on her arm. She asked me for more, but I told her no and she would have to wait til she had another boo boo. I put the box back on the kitchen cabinet (out of little children's reach) and went about the nightly routine.

The girls had been put to bed, Brad and I had watched a movie downstairs in the basement and we were heading upstairs for bed. Everything seemed to be normal until I went in Kenzie's room to check on her. Not only was she awake but she now had band-aids on every single finger and both thumbs. She was so busted in so many ways, all she could do was give me that deer in the headlights look. She also mumbled out something about "my fingers were hurting..." but it was a feeble attempt at best.

I was angry with her, but mostly frustrated. I just told her I was very sad, and I would talk to her about it in the morning. The frustration is in her sneakyness and just continuing to do something she's not supposed to do.

1. She got up out of bed and snuck downstairs to the kitchen.
2. She had to get her step stool out of the bathroom to reach the kitchen counter.
3. She knows "if it's on the counter, she's not supposed to touch it."
4. I had already told her numerous times through out the evening, No more band-aids.

So, I was angry with her mostly for getting into something on the counter. I don't know why she can't follow that rule. Ugh! It was pretty funny though to see that many band-aids on her fingers.

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