Friday, February 08, 2008

Stubborness... I know where she gets it.

Just in a slump here in Crazy Mom world. Dealing with a strong willed child, which is sooooo frustrating at times. Defiance is just hard to deal with. Specially when it's coming from a 3 year old. You need to discipline, but you don't want to over do it. We are trying out this Dr. Phelan's "1-2-3 Magic". It seems to be working. Anyone else out there used it? Any of you tried to get a really strong willed child to start using the potty?

She will not go to the potty. Doesn't want to go, doesn't care if she goes around with poop or pee in her pants. It's crazy.... I think she just doesn't want to take the time to go to the bathroom. She's just too busy to go. She's smart, she knows when she needs to go..... she's so stubborn.

So we are up to trying anything. Went to the store and she wanted some underwear. Big boy underwear. I didn't care, she could wear boxers if she would just use the potty. Well, we picked out Transformers and Sponge Bog undies. Got home that night and got them out... if you have ever paid attention to little boys underwear, the pictures are across the butt.

Well, she wants to be able to see the picture of "Bumblebee" so.....she puts the underwear on backwards. Can't get her to turn them around for anything.... not a fight worth fighting in my opinion. Now, not only does she have on boys undies she has them on backwards. Is that not the funniest? Oh, and ....she still won't use the potty.


Kelly O said...

I'm feeling you. My daughter refused to potty train on our schedule. We kept escalating rewards until we we're promising her a pony and a car if she would just poop in the damn potty already. No go. Then one day she was just ready on her own.

For my son, we're not pushing it at all. It's not worth the hassle.

elizinashe said...

Yeah, um, good luck with that one..I just have cats and I'm real close to getting a dog, like I need that! Ask Ma & Pa White what they did...digging the fact that she likes boys underwear!! I'll be on the lookout for some Xmen undies!! Love to you!! Leahe