Saturday, February 23, 2008


So, I've had two or three people bust me out for not blogging. It is just sooo hard right now to sit down and put the time into a post. I feel like I have a bazillion different projects half assed done...things sitting around that I've never gotten back to finish that I've forgotten that they even existed to begin with.
As I sit here typing, my husband walks by and says: "What are you doing?". He is waiting for me to come down in our new basement "play room" and hang out with him. Which I also want to do, but want to finish this post too.

Many things have happend since Valentine's Day. Which, by the way, was a very nice day. The main incident being a trip to the emergency room with Lyanna. Nothing too serious, just a nasty gash under her lip that had to have stitches. It pretty much sucked.

We think Kenzie pushed her and she either fell into the gate or bit through her lip. She had like 5 stitches in her little face. It was so sad. They put her arms in a pillowcase and wrapped her up in a blanket so she couldn't jerk around and grab at the doctor and then we had to hold her down. It was totally traumatic for her. THEN we had to go and have the our this Friday..that was even worse. I didn't think the doctor was ever going to finish... she bled more when they came out than we she first got the cut!

She was very brave for a 2 year old who had a strange man sticking sharp instruments in her face.

Much snow has fallen, I am ready for spring....and that's all I have time for right now. I leave you with a picture of the stitched up li'l one.

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