Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to Winston: AKA "Guchi"..and yes I meant to spell it that way

We have lost our minds here in the Smith house.

This is the newest member of the Smith family, Winston. Brad and I named him that, but the girls say his name is Guchi. I refuse to spell it Gucci because I'm not going to name my dog after some overly expensive name brand crap.

He is the cutest little dog ever!!! He is an 8 week old Lhasa-poo. We got him today...Brad says "Happy Valentine's Day".

The girls like him, but aren't real into him. I was sort of surprised. But that's okay because he's really tiny and we debated getting him because we thought they might hurt him. So far so good. He's really smart, and has even gone outside every time we've taken him. Only tried to pee in the house once and got him outside before he finished.


Ian Thomas Healy said...



Bernie said...

Good to see you back. Nice dog. Great den. So when are you going to invite all of your readers over to watch a game? :) A Razorbacks game? Hmmm, most of my cousins went to LSU. That's a big rivalry, isn't it?

Kelly O said...

Hey, we just got a new dog, too! Congrats on the pup. So cute I could scream.

Lee said...

Thanks you guys!

Hey Bernie! It will probably not be totally finished til late maybe this fall? And yes LSU is a big rivalry now. It used to be Texas *not in their conf anymore* and still sort of is for most Arkansas fans, but not so much for Texas fans anymore...although I do believe we beat them the last two times we played them.

Aww Kelly, I need to go and do some catching up!! I swear I am so behind on my reading..


elizinashe said...

He's soo cute!! I'm a wee bit jealous...tell Brad there's a piece of furniture that I'd like for Valentine's..ha-ha. Keep us posted on the puppy progress.
Love to you!! Leahe