Sunday, February 10, 2008

Little Personalities

I used to wonder what my little brothers would be like when we all grew up. I would watch them playing or listen to what they talked about, what their interests were and wonder what kind of adults they would both be. Neither of them turned out quite the way I thought. They turned out better than anything I could have thought up. I think they are both awesome, and they are my best friends.

Now I watch my girls and think about their futures.

I always thought Kenzie was going to be the girly girl. She is so petite and has the long slightly curly hair. Lyanna is stockier and has a deeper voice. She doesn't have much hair and people were always calling her son, and little guy....they still do at times. We thought she would be the little tom-boy. Not so, not so...already their little personalities are shining through.

Kenzie is the drama queen of the two. Everything with her is traumatic and she uses lots of hand gestures and whining and manipulation techniques. I've never seen a little girl who can bat her eyes and give you "the look" like she can. BUT...she is our little tom-boy. She loves Superman, Batman, Transformers, and today she discovered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I take her to the library every Tuesday now. The book she picked out for herself this past Tuesday was a Marvel Comics book. It has stories about Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and The X-men. I think that is pretty sweet cause I was a Marvel girl. Read all those comics. This book also came with a DVD with the cartoons of all of the comics. She has watched this DVD so many times now I'm surprised it's not warped. She wants to wear Thomas clothes, Sponge Bob and Transformer boys underwear. It cracks me up.

Lyanna is the easy going one. She has the worst temper and when she gets mad EVERYONE knows it. *must be the red hair syndrome* But, for the most part she is very laid back and just goes along with the flow. She has also turned out to be the frilly girly girl. She loves to put headbands on and a little barette in her hair, now that she has hair. She wants to wear dresses every day and gets mad if they are all dirty. She calls herself "Princess Lyanna" and dances twirls in the living room. She wants all her clothes to be pink too.

Total opposites... which is nice. It would be boring if they were just alike. I just wonder how much of how they are now will last. They are growing up so fast.....

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Terhune said...

Kids - grow up way to fast thats sure. I don't think I turned out to bad actually. You didn't turn out quite like I expected you to turn out either. I think you turned out better than I thought you would as well - I so remember the night of the Night Train, which I thought none of us would survive!!!

Love you sis!!