Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first post for 2008

Hey ya'll. I know it's been awhile...wonder if ya'll are around to even read anymore? If you have come by and checked this blog I thank you for being so faithful. Leave me a lil comment so I know you're there.

Things here are crazy at the moment. We are finishing out our basement. It is going to be hella cool when it's finished. It has been dubbed "The Man Cave" by several folks.

There will be a sitting area complete with large screen t.v., kick ass surround audio, and nice leather seating. There will be a new fireplace. (pics of fireplace in progress to be added at bottom of this post) There will be a pool table area. (This all in a Razorback theme...Wooooo Pig Soooie!) There will be a bar for entertaining.

We also have a full bath, an exercise room and ...........

I will have my very own craft room to do all my artsy fartsy crafting stuffage. YAY!!!

I can hardly wait!!

The fam is doing well. The girls are great..they are going through a very defiant period right now and driving me and the hubby crazy at times. We took them for their first hair cuts yesterday...that was an experience. No one was hurt but many tears were shed.

Hmmm...Christmas was great. I will eventually post some piccys from that time too. As you can tell I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with things right now. It's been very hard to post. Everytime I seem to get a moment to sit down, something happens or comes up and I have to quit. It will slow down again eventually.

Got to go and see what the oldest child is screaming about now....


elizinashe said...

Yea!! You're back! I'm digging the 'man cave'. Wish I had a place for my crafty endeavors. Perhaps with my next dwelling...
Love you much! leahe

sherryandkaty said...

Way cool, your very own crafty room! Gonna paint a mural on the walls?

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Hi Lee!

I'm still here and still reading. Yay for finishing the basement and I hope you had fun on your cruise. Stop by and say hi when you get a free minute or two. :)


Jessica said...

Hi Leeandra,
I'm still here. I'm so happy to see your trip and projects. It looks awesome.