Saturday, May 05, 2007


We planted our garden today. We both feel we did a much better job of it this year. This year farmer Smith and I are growing *maybe I should say "attempting" to grow*:

1 Cherry Tomato Plant
1 Better Bush (red tomato) Plant
4 Yellow Tomato Plants
2 Yellow Squash Plants
1 Cucumber Plant
1 Watermelon Plant
4 Green Pepper Plants
6 Jalapeno Pepper Plants

We also planted marigolds and impatients all around the borders. I think we did much better on the spacing this year. I just love getting outside and digging around in the dirt.

Our strawberries are doing really well too. I think we are going to have a good crop of berries. They are blooming like crazy. Mmmmm mmmm strawberries.
I can't wait to eat all the good stuff we are growing!

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sherryandkaty said...

Just be sure to grow your jalapenos well away from your tomatoes....unless of course, you plan to use all the maters in salsa lol. I hope your garden gives you a bountiful harvest! Lost most of mine to the late freeze :( Oh well, it's all replanted now. Don't think my apples survived though.