Monday, November 20, 2006

Some thoughts

Just some things I've been thinking about...

The new Playstation 3..... I can't believe the uproar over this thing. Did Sony really believe that mob rushes and muggings wouldn't happen? When they didn't have enough product for the Japanese market, didn't they know the same thing would happen here? People are crazy.

I went to the site and looked at the videos and screen shots for the new games. I have to admit it looks bad ass. It is so real looking it's scary. One of the games is a zombie shot em up and I don't think I could play it. It would give me nightmares. The sports games, I have to say, looked awesome.

But what I really started thinking about was how realistic they were...

People get hung up playing video games right much more so now? It all looks so real, I keep thinking that people will begin to lose their grasp on reality and dive further and further into the fantasy. I can truly see this happening.


I got sidetracked from finishing this on the day I was writing it so....that's all I have to think about today. So sorry for getting your hopes up...or maybe not.

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