Saturday, November 04, 2006

Arkansas Trip

I spent last week in Arkansas with my family. It was the best trip! We were going to fly down there on the 28th, but the airplane was in the shop. So....we took our first big road trip with the girls. They did so well, I was proud of them. It's not easy for a two year old and a one year old to sit that long in a car seat. We drove from Ohio to just outside Bowling Green, Kentucky on Thursday. Spent the night in a motel somewhere in Kentucky. That was interesting.

We got a double room (could you imagine two adults and two babies in one big bed?) Brad slept in one bed with Kenzie....I attempted to sleep in the other bed with Lyanna. She was so wired it was impossible. She thought the room was the coolest thing ever. All that girl wanted to do was wander around the room and check out everything. It was all I could do to keep her in the bed. She finally went to sleep, but woke us all up around 5 am. We got a nice early start on Friday morning thanks to our little alarm clock.

Drove the rest of the way to Arkansas on Friday. Pulled in my parent's driveway at 2:30 in the afternoon. They were so happy to see us and I was so happy to be there. With my anxiety levels dropping, it seems so ridiculous that I was so freaked out about going home for so long. I'm glad I waited til I was healthier mentally, it made for a much nicer visit Im sure.

Brad went up to Fayetteville for the ballgame *Woooooooo Pig Sooooooie!* then drove back to Ohio on Sunday. Poor thing he was wiped out by the time he got back.

My dad had taken Tuesday and Thursday off from work so we could all go out together and do things. On Tuesday we went to the "Pumpking Patch". We took my 5 year old nephew with us. The he and the girls had a GREAT time. They played in the hay, talked to all the animals, and just ran and ran and ran around in the fresh air outside.

On Thursday we went to Little Rock and went shopping. It was nice to go shopping there again. I just love that mall. I don't know what's so special about it. I've just always loved it since I was a little kid.

We also took all the nieces and nephews to a Halloween Carnival. Lyanna won "Cutest Costume". I'll have pictures of them in their costumes later on.

Brad flew down on Sunday and we all flew home Monday morning. The girls did very well on the flight back too. They are good little travelers! (must be the Arkansan in them)

Overall it was a wonderful trip home. The visit was very calm because it wasn't over a major holiday. There wasn't an overwhelming group of people there and my mom was able to play with girls a lot and get in her "grandma" time.

I am really looking forward to Christmas and seeing everyone again.

*I hate the photo upload thing...I had more pics to put up but they won't load*

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