Sunday, January 22, 2006 I haven't done my exercise. Wondering if you can count sex instead of cardio workout....
Got out of the house for church today. Was interesting..pastor has the flu so we had a lay reader for the sermon. Kids were really well behaved. It's nice to be able to go somewhere again and not have to worry so much about them freaking out on us.
I am sticking to my diet though! Been trying out new recipes and maybe changing up one or two things, but for the most part staying with what is suggested.
One of my girl friends is going to babysit for us Friday night!!!! We are going to be able to go to a movie or out to dinner. YAY!!!! A couple of hours without children...what will I do with myself.

Been watching the football games. I've always liked Seattle....but Pitt is so close. It's like who do I cheer for during the Superbowl. Oh well, when it all comes done to it, who really cares? right?

Not too much else going on right now. I haven't weighed myself yet......I hope I have lost some weight..if I haven't, well, I'm going to be kind of upset. I feel like I'm working out hard and dieting..and I'm hungry ALOT!!!

We saw this woman in the grocery store that we met when we first moved up here. Her kid was on the soccer team we were coaching. We had her and her husband and two children over for dinner one night, trying to make some new friends in town. After that we pretty much never heard from them again. Imagine how surprised she was to see TWO babies with us. She never got to meet the first. Hee hee. She is really really nice, but we couldn't ever figure out why they never called us again...oh well. I gave her my number again we'll see what happens this time.

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