Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stupid Parent Tricks

Okay so my husband and I have decided we are awful parents. We have video camera that we can download the video onto the computer and make DVD's from the smaller clips. Since I have been pregnant for TWO YEARS I haven't really been up to doing all the movie making magic.

For some reason I am the one who had become in charge of all the pictures and movies... I send the photos off to be developed, I download the video, I make the DVD's.... but since I hadn't downloaded any of clips no DVD's have been made since LAST Thanksgiving..sheesh.

I wanted to watch the video clips of Lyanna's birth again...went looking for the small cd that goes in the camera and couldn't find it... asked hubby.... He says, that clip is on the computer you dumped it already. Now how in the hell he would know what I dumped on the computer and what I haven't is beyond me. I knew I hadn't done that because I hadn't done anything since LAST Thanksgiving. He sits down at the computer and desperately looks for anything having to do with our second daughters birth..thank God we have a few pictures. They aren't there, I knew they weren't there... SO>>>>>>>

we don't have the video from Lyanna's birth and we don't have Kenzie's first birthday. What the hell... we are terrible parents. The video was erased... Brad erased them when he filmed Halloween. He feels bad cause he is the one who erased them, I feel bad because like an idiot I didn't make him show me what he was doing. Halloween was hectic and crazy at his parents house. We were trying to get the kids dressed, dealing with family, a dog, and the doorbell ringing. UGH!

I don't know it sucks because we have lost something that was such a HUGE event.... but then again we can't beat ourselves up about it because there's not much we can do about it now...stupid parents.

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