Saturday, January 08, 2011

What I Am Planning..and some other stuffage

I've been reading through this blog and refreshing my memory on what I had been doing before. There are a couple of things I'd like to start doing again.

1. Flashback Friday
2. Poetry Sunday
3. Food Thursday

At least that will give me three solid topics to write about on those days. Maybe. Ha! I seem to have a bad record of not keeping up with what I say I want to laid plans and all.

Watching the playoff games with Brad. We put up all the Christmas decorations today. Got it all boxed up and ready to go to the barn. Taking it to the barn is gonna have to wait though. Brad can't get it down there til the snow melts. We got our second really good snow last night and today. Here is a video of the "white out".

Lyanna was sick last night. I was up with her til around 4 am. She was having issues at both ends. It was not pretty at all! So...we did not go out and play today. We had a nice crazy day inside!

I have alot of things I want to write about. I'm gonna try and list them so I don't forget. Maybe I'll get to all of them this year.

1. My trip home at Christmas
2. Our cruise to Jamaica/Gran Cayman
3. Following the Scorps this past summer
4. Being 40 for six months!

I think I'm done for tonight. Gonna watch the game some and put the girls to bed!

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