Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a Monday

Have had two bouts of sickness this weekend. Friday night Lyanna was up til 4am losing it out both ends. Lovely... Last night Kenzie came into our room around 2am crying and saying she had a bad dream. I let her get in bed with me and she was burning up. Took her temp and it was 103.4. Poor thing, no wonder she had a bad dream. Gave her some Motrin and a cool washcloth for her forehead and lay down with her.
Her temp went down but ended up getting up and rocking for a while and telling a new story about "Mittens" the six toed cat. I think I got to sleep around 4 am again, but in Kenzie's bed so it wasn't all that great.
There was no school today so Kenz didn't have to miss a day of school. My wonderful friend Crysta took Lyanna to Mc Germ World for lunch with her little boy and some of our other mom friends. I was so thankful because Lyanna needed to get out of the house and play some.
Other than that..went to the grocery store. Big exciting day.

Now, watching the National Championship Game. Have to root for the SEC. Go Auburn!! That will be one of the only times you will ever hear me say that.

How many glowsticks do you think Oregon goes through? I really dig their neon green. Is there anyone else that uses that as a color besides Oregon and Seattle?


Lana said...

Three days in row? Impressive! Hope your kiddos get better and stay well.


Lee said...

Thanks Lana! Love you and miss you!!