Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Old Story and Catching Up for the Week.

Well, I was doing really well. Posted 3 days in a row and then it hit me...the January we got too much snow on the ground and I been in the house with my kids for four days in a row blues. Just got a case of the winter blahs. They come and go with me. I just need a good long day in the sunshine.

Everyone is better now. No more sickness. We had a good time during our sick days even though we were cooped up for almost a whole week. I love sledding down our hill. I wish I could get some of our friends to come over and sled with us. The only issue is making sure you don't go too far and into the woods over the drop off.

In the spirit of keeping up, since I missed Flashback Friday, I am going to attach a previous post here because I think some of you would enjoy this story I wrote. It is pretty funny and if you haven't read it READ IT, and if you have READ IT AGAIN! Ha!!

BATS: Part 1

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