Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got the I don't want to write Blue's

My friend contacted me over Facebook today and wanted to know when I was going to start blogging again. I told her I didn't know. I wasn't enjoying writing anymore right now. It doesn't bring me the joy that it used to bring. I can't really explain it to anyone. I like to write and I miss it, but the effort it takes to work writing into my daily madness of children, snow, dogs, dinners, taxiing, exercise, cleaning, and whatever else happens to pop up just seems too much.

I am writing now because I have already given my children a bath, cooked dinner, done the dishes, and my husband is "out with the boys".

Writing has always been cathartic for me. It helps me get my thoughts and feelings in line. Maybe that's one of the reasons my anxiety levels have increased over the past year instead of decreasing. (among other things) When you take a majority of what you enjoy doing out of your life it would stand to reason that your sanity would be a little off kilter. (Not saying that I'm crazy, but I AM a little crazy.....isn't that part of my blog's title? HA!)

So, Here I am writing. Let's see if I can do it on a regular basis and let's see if it helps me out at all.

The thing that is most on my mind tonight. Snow. I hate it right now. I used to think snow was pretty cool. Not so much anymore. I can not tell you the last time my youngest child went to pre-school. We have had so many snow days now I think we will be going to school til July. It wouldn't be so bad if there was something to do here, or somewhere to go. I could take the girls to the mall to play or to the indoor play area at McD's. The only problem with those places is that they are germ havens. Everytime we have gone to either place one of the girls has ended up puking her guts out that night or the next day. I really don't want to deal with that.

We have sledded, walked, had snowball fights, and made snow angels. The thrill is gone. It is beautiful, I will give it that. I'm just over it now, and need some distance. I think if it didn't snow again until next December I would be okay then.

I have cabin fever and I'm sick of having the kids here all day. They are driving me and each other crazy and I know I make them crazy too. I want my schedule back!!! And sunshine, I'd like some sunshine please! I'm putting in my order to God right now. An order of sunshine and temperatures above freezing on the fly! Let's 86 snow for the season.....

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Bernie said...

Glad to see another post! Writing all the time is tough so don't feel bad. Many of the bloggers I have linked on my main blog haven't posted in months or even a year.
I feel your pain about the snow - half of the 3 feet of snow we had in the DC area last week is still covering my yard.