Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Swine Flu, Halloween and other Spooky Things

We have had an eventful week this past week. Lyanna came home from church last week and went right to bed with 102 degree fever. Welcome to the swine flu in Ohio... She ran fever for 5 days straight. It peaked on Thursday...up to 104.5 or so had to put her in a cold tub and cool her off. It's sad when you are happy your kids temp is 102. After the bath her temp came down to normal and then stayed that way. Thank goodness! Swine flu is rampant here in our town. It seems to give the kids fever and a cough for 5-7 days. Some of the kids are getting over the flu to end up with pneumonia. Luckily we didn't get that!
She got well just in time for Halloween night. She did miss her school party and family night, but we just didn't talk about it.

We had our 2nd annual Halloween party Friday night. It was a lot of fun. I was sort of a Elvira type character and Brad was a Pimp Daddy. We had about 36 folks over and had a great time.

Since the Lyanna had been sick and Kenzie got scared walking around the town last year we took the girls trick-or-treating at the mall. That was great! You just walk around the mall and all the stores have someone sitting out frong and passing out candy. There were no scary peeps and the kids had a good time.
Had Monday Night Football at our house tonight. My fantasy team sucks so badly this year. I can't win..no matter what I do... I can't win. It's pathetic.. I've been playing for seven years and this is the worst year I've ever had. BLEH!!!!

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