Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm sticking with Blue

I am wearing blue eyeshadow today. And it's sparkly! Now some of you wouldn't think that was anything out of the ordinary. So what, who cares what color eyeshadow you wear. Well, a lot of folks would say that blue is soooo 80's. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing blue.

I don't care. I say bring back the 80's! Bring back the blue eyeshadow!
Bring back the mile high bangs!
Bring back the bow heads, the skaters, the preppies!
The flourescent colors are back, why not the bold Wham! style word tees, the cut up sweats, the tight rolled jeans!
I want to see bandanas wrapped around legs!
I want to see prairie skirts, puffy sleeves, and feathered bangs!
I want to see boat shoes, and penny loafers!
I want to see extremely fat people wearing spandex bike shorts!
And I want to see girls wearing jellies!
Bring it all back!!

I'm not scared!

I'm just saying...I like my blue eyeshadow.


elizinashe said...

don't forget the bowheads! ;)

Lee said...

I included them!