Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We had an eventful night last night.... Brad is gone on Tuesday nights so the girls and I usually have dinner together and hang out til he gets home. I had cooked our mean, fixed everyone a plate, put Lyanna in her chair with hers....when Kenzie decided to puke all over the kitchen floor.

I am learning that with the very young, there is no warning sign or sound that a puke fest is coming just comes. She is standing in the middle of the kitchen looking at me with the most confused look on her face and crying like crazy. I felt so sorry for her...and at the same moment I was thinking "I am sooooooo glad that Brad isn't here."

Lyanna happily ate her dinner while I cleaned up Kenzie, the kitchen, and myself. Turned out she was also running a low grade up on the couch she went with a cup of water and her "boo". I wrapped her up in a great big blanket because I was scared she was going to get sick again and I didn't want it all over my carpet and couch.....that would totally suck! hour later, Lyanna is finished and I have to clean her up and THEN I can finally eat....not that I felt like it after all that.

Kenzie seemed to do alright the rest of the evening so...we did bath and bedtime ritual as usual. Around 11:30 Brad and I go up to bed, and I go to check on the girls....

I didn't even have to open the door before I could smell it.....ugh!!! Lyanna had gotten sick all in her bed. SO...I was up til around 2:30 cleaning, washing sheets, washing children, rocking children...and just plain ole worrying.

Needless to say I am a tired woman today. Thankgoodness it seems like this is just a short lived virus. No new sickness today, just fevers. Motrin seems to have kicked that in the butt and they both ate some toast around 11:30 with a popsickle.

Yay! I hate it when they are sick...

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sherryandkaty said...

Poor mommy and babies! Hope everyone is feeling much better now!