Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February Snow Day

Here is the snow we had on Sunday, today it is raining...go figure. I'm glad that it is getting warmer this week. I was tired of it being so cold and having to stay cooped up in the house. I know the girls probably feel the same way!


Bernie said...

Nice videos. Cool to hear your voice too... and your family's voices.

That snow looks like a lot more fun than the ice we had last week. I posted a couple of puppy videos on my blog, including one showing off the ice.

LeeAndra said...

Ick B! I sound like a goofball in that video! Went to see the pup video. It is soooo cute! I miss puppies.

The snow was fun, I actually went sledding down the hill on the side of our house..it was hilarious, the dogs ran me down before I could hit the tree....