Saturday, June 28, 2008

So.. I promise I will write now

I know I know, it has been FOREVER since I have posted with any sort of consistency. I am going to try and do better. I have been in the doldrums...bored...depressed...blah.

My computer had a virus and that didn't help things either. BUT, I have my laptop up and running like new and I'm feeling more "up" now.

I want to capture what is happening around the household again. So what if most of my posts are about my girls. They are cute and are my life, why wouldn't I write about them? DUH!

Right now we are starting on a epic project in our back yard. We are totally landscaping it out. A HUGE retaining wall is going in and we are planning for putting in a pool in the next couple of years. I am going to keep you all up to date with daily photos. I already have shots of the first three days which I will post shortly.

I hope that some of my old readers will wander back through and find me, and maybe I'll get some new ones as well...

So, I'm back ladies and gents!


Ian said...

I'm still around.


elizinashe said...

'Bout time you came out of hiding! Glad you're back. :)
Love to you!

Bernie said...

Welcome back. Good luck on the retaining wall. We have a fairly small one and it took forever to get it done.