Monday, June 30, 2008 that a word?

Okay, I was all ready to put up my pictures of THE PROJECT and get to blogging again, but of course things never go as planned.

Since I wiped my laptop clean, I've had to put all my programs back on. There is a specific driver for our Canon Digital that I have to go and download and it is the most difficult driver to get to work after you have it downloaded. I can't figure the damn thing out. I open it and run it and hook up the camera and nothing happens.... I restart the computer and still nothing happens. of right now, no pictures.

The landscapers wanted to wait til July to start THE PROJECT because they wanted to yard to be nice and dry. It is better for them to move all their heavy equipment and to pack the dirt down into the nice new level area they are creating for us.... Guess what happened over the weekend. You got it RAIN!

It rained more these past 4 days than it has all year long I think. Our back yard is once again a huge mountain of mud. So.. I don't know what they are going to do today. I'm worried that it is going to set them back a couple of weeks if it keeps raining and doesn't dry out some. UGH!

I will try and dowload the pictures on Brad's computer and see if I can't get something going with that. BUT... I did write again today! Two in a row! Whoo hoo!!

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Bernie said...

Sometimes you don't need the camera maker's software. I bought a Nikon digital camera recently and of course they want you to use their software. Instead, I just tried to connect the cable to my computer and ... a box full of options popped up, I chose "import photos" and it worked. There are advantages to the Nikon software when it comes to cataloging the photos and I will eventually use it; but the automatic Windows software has worked well for the first 400 pictures I imported. Maybe you can try the same approach with your Canon.