Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Flu

I have the sucks. I haven't had the flu since my sophomore year of college. I have been sick since Saturday. That is 6 days of feeling like crap. Sore throat, fever, coughing, aches, pounding heard, congestion, runny nose...

My poor legs hurt so bad the other night, it was like someone had beaten me up. I don't have fever anymore and no more body aches, but I am sooo weak feeling and still not up to really eating much.

The girls are sick too. We finally ventured forth from the house go to the doctor. They were still running fevers after 5 days so I was a little worried. They had ear infections on top of everything else. So.. antibiotics for them and hopefully that will push them over the line towards getting better.

This sucks for our Easter though... I don't even know if we'll all be up for going to church on Sunday. I had gotten them the cutest little Easter dresses to wear too. Bleh!

Being sick sucks!! As always...

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