Wednesday, March 05, 2008

and many a Saturday afternoon......

If any of you had any doubts about my total geekdom, this post should but them to rest forever:

I was catching up on my news this morning before the girls woke up and found this obituary in the technology section of all places.

"Gary Gygax, Dungeons & Dragons creator, dies"

I was introduced to the game in 1981. I was chosen to participate in a gifted program held at one of the universitys in Arkansas. It was a two week program and we had one main class each day and then two side classes (one each week). I believe those two weeks help shape me and the person I became tremendously. My main class was "Medieval Studies". We talked about the Crusades, the Plague, Shakespeare, Jousting, Knights, Religion.... just what it was called: Medieval Studies. That began my love for the romantic notion of that time period: knights, maidens, kings, crusades... I also read the Arthurian Legend series by Mary Stewart during that time.

We had lunch and free time before our mini classes. One of the free time activities was playing Dungeons & Dragons. I wanted to find out what it was all about and went and played. I was hooked! It wasn't long after that my mom found an add in our local paper asking for anyone interested in joining a D&D group to call. Of course I called and began playing almost every Saturday afternoon with a large group of guys. I was 11/12/13 years old playing this amazing game with a bunch of goofy guys.

I believe we had a good solid group of 8 players who met regularly and played together. We took turns meeting at each other's homes. I fell in love with fantasy books, games, shows, movies.... and I still am to this day. I've played D&D, and then later in life an online game called Evernight

I've been elves, humans, gnomes, dwarves, demons, fighters, pixies, magic users....I've been a good gal and a bad one...I've even been a guy a few times. I guess I just think it's fun to get to play at being someone or something else every now and then.

Good bye Gary, thanks for all the hours and hours of fun and fantasy!

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