Friday, October 12, 2007

Running With the Devil

Oh yeah, I went and saw Van Halen in Cleveland, Wednesday night!! It was AWESOME!! Another band that I never thought I would get to see together again in my lifetime. Eddie Van Halen is AMAZING on guitar. Probably the best guitarist I've ever seen/heard in person. He rocked on "Eruption"...just unbelievable.

And yes DAVID LEE ROTH is back! *Van Halen with Sammy Hagar and that other guy from Extreme doesn't really exist for me* I love Diamond Dave! He is such the performer. Can't do all the crazy jumping around like he did back in the 80's but he still has that high kick!

He sounds just like he always did. I had flashbacks to being 14 again and sitting in my best friend's room, hanging out with all the "heads". All the guys liked her and I was always the odd girl out....until we got older.

They didn't have Michael Anthony with them...but Wolfgang *Eddie's son* did a fairly decent job. I only saw him get flustered on one song...and I think they got off track as a whole band.

And so, I leave you with some classic Van Halen: JUMP! *The year I made cheerleader we tried out to this song* They ended the concert with this song...oh Dave, you were so hot are so strange now.... I know he misses that hair.

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ian said...

As a fellow bass player, I can say with some authority, Michael Anthony was hands down the luckiest sonofabitch ever to get into the music industry.

Because he certainly didn't get there on talent.