Monday, October 01, 2007

Manic Monday: Orange

The word for today is: ORANGE
I am currently working on teaching my 2 and 3 year olds their colors. Now the 3 year old pretty much has the basics down. She knows the colors and can point to them and tell you what they are....she has no clue about letters and numbers, but by golly she knows the colors.
The 2 year old knows the color pink. That's about it. BUT...she can tell you what every letter of the alphabet is, by sight. AND she knows all her numbers by sight. It's scary...
What I am working on with both of them is a series of songs about the major colors. We have a song for Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Pink, Black, and White. I am going to share the Orange song with you today. You are so lucky!
(sung to the tune: 10 Little Indians)
O - R - A - N - G - E
O - R - A - N - G - E
O - R - A - N - G - E
Orange is what that spells.
Jack-o-lanterns are always orange,
Carrots are always orange,
Oranges are always orange,
O - R - A - N - G - E!
Now if any of you other moms out there want to know the words and the tunes for the other songs just send me a line and I'll share. They are all pretty cute and most of them are easy for the kids to learn. My girls already know the songs for red, yellow, blue, and green. We are working on the others....we practice our color songs in the tub.


elizinashe said...

When you get to songs about shapes you should teach them "Big Balls" by AC/DC! ;) Lovin' you!! Leahe

Jamie said...

It is both amazing and scary the different ways children learn best. I thought you might like the color song being signed. I love that "orange" is squeezing a clown's nose

I Can Sing A Rainbow

Sherry said...

Your post made me smile. My own kids are long past that learning the colors stage, but my 1 yo granddaughter will be there soon. I may be contacting you for songs :)

lisa said...

Like Sherry,mine too are past that stage, but I remember those days. How cute you've come up with songs for the colors. I bet it works great!

ian said...

It's always fun teaching kids! Happy monday!


Lee said...

Leahe, Their daddy can teach them that song! Hee hee!

Jamie, THANK YOU!! I love the sign language song!! We are going to start learning that one for sure!

Sherry, I'm so glad I made you smile. I am happy to share, my mom gave me the songs to teach the girls. *she was a first grade teacher*

Lisa, I wish I had been clever enough to come up with the songs, but they were passed down to me.

Hey Ian! Well..most of the time it's fun. Happy Monday back atcha!


sherryandkaty said...

Send me those songs! Katy knows blue and red, but she still gets really confused on her other colors. Of course, she can't sing songs really yet, but she will be able to one day. Her eval last week says she is up to 22 months overall development, still only about 18 mos in speech. She's going to be 4 in February.

Oh, and hi other Sherry!

Martha said...

hi, can u please send me those songs. I'm also trying to teach my daughter her colors. Thanks....

Lee said...

Martha, I hope you come back and read this again. I can't get to your blog site to get your email. If you would like the songs just send me an email with your contact.