Thursday, August 23, 2007

Froggy: Part 1

Once upon a time there was a small frog who lived in a pond in the middle of a large open field. There wasn't really anything special about this frog. He had been an average tadpole. Sure it had taken him a little longer than the other tads to completely lose his tail, but eventually it had disappeared. He had to endure some teasing from the other froglets for it, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Since he had entered his froglet years he had spent his time eating flies and mosquitos, practicing his lily-pad jumping, and challenging the other froglets to swimming and jumping competitions. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost. Like I said, he was an average amphibian.

Everything was going just fine for Froggy Boy until the middle of the summer. It had gotten extremely hot, humid, and sticky. The boundaries of the pond had begun to shrink. Everyone in the pond community was getting cranky. The "nice" fish were caught tail slapping the old three legged turtle. He was an easy target for them because he was already slow, being as he was a turtle...then missing one can just imagine. It took two water snakes, a catfish, and three young raccoons to chase them away.

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sherryandkaty said...

And then....

C'mon! Don't leave me hangin'!

I love your stories.