Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Bit

It's getting to be more of an enjoyment again. I am starting to feel the urge to write. Maybe it's the sunshine making me feel better, I dunno.

My uncle that I talked about last time passed away that Friday evening. He lived a great life. Was in full control of himself and had all his marbles when he passed. (Although some would question that later, we did call him "crazy Uncle Joe") We all loved him so much and he will be missed.

The girls and I went to a farm today. They loved it! We saw all kinds of chickens, goats, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits.... They got to hold a just layed egg in their hands and feel how warm it was from the momma chicken. Kenzie got to pet horses, which is her most favorite thing in the world. It was so cute the way this one horse really took to her. He came right up to her and gave her kisses. She was in horse heaven. I have got to get her started on some riding lessons.

Not much else to discuss today. Gonna try dying eggs for the first time this year, and we are going to try and make some Panoramic sugar eggs as well..we'll see how they all turn out. I'll try to get pictures.

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