Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Return to Older Ways

Sunday used to be poetry day. I think I shall try that again. I like poetry, I like to read it, I like to share it, and sometimes I even think that I can write it...

Looking foward to the next few months and my favorite time of year...a haiku. I think it is not that great..but I tried.

Autumn is now here
Crisp breeze blows bright reddish leaves
Crunch crunch underfoot


Ian said...

I like it. :)

elizinashe said...

Sometimes returning to some old habits sparks the brain into making something new. Glad you're still in the blog world.
I love you!!

Carly said...

I too enjoyed it!

Bernie said...

Nice haiku. I've written a couple but they're not very good; if I can find one I'll post it on my poetry blog.

Good to see you enjoy poetry. I think there are fewer of us by the day.