Monday, April 07, 2008

One Word Survey

The One Word Survey
Yourself: Frizzled
Your Partner: Busy
Your Hair: Long
Your Mother: Dry
Your Father: Goofball
Your Favorite Item: Dunno
Your Dream Last Night: Clubship
Your Favorite Drink: Coke
Your Dream Car: Convertible
Your Dream Home: Beach
The Room You Are In: Sunny
Your Fear: Sickos
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years: Here
Who You Hung Out With Last: Kids
What You're Not: Bored
Muffins: Stud?
One of Your Wish List Items: Time
Time: 3:40 pm
Last Thing You Did: Bills
What Are You Wearing: Blue
Your Favorite Weather: Fall
Your Favorite Book: The Long Walk
Last Thing You Ate: Oreos
Your Mood: Optimistic
Your Best Friends: Few
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Reading
Your Car: Caravan
Your Summer: Outside
Relationship Status: Married
What's on Your TV: Nada
What is Your Weather Like: GORGEOUS!
When is the Last Time You Laughed: Minutes


elizinashe said...

Can I come over next time you have muffins around? :)

crazy working mom said...

Just surfin' the MM links a bit early. Passing through and thought I'd say hi. :)