Friday, January 12, 2007

"Build a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul"

Birdhouse In Your Soul
By They Might Be Giants

Just when you think your day is the total pits God sends you a bluebird.... or four.

I didn't feel well last night, so I didn't sleep great. The girls were up unusually early today, so that means I was up early as well. I still didn't feel all that great, but I bravely set forth to meet the day.

Number one duty today: pay the bills. That in itself is enough to ruin a day, put on top of that, it is grey, rainy, cold, and bleh outside.

I was looking forward to my college roommate coming up this Sunday and spending about three days with me. We haven't seen each other since around 1996 or so, so this was going to be a big deal for us. PLUS it would be the first time my husband would be meeting any of my friends from my "past life". She had to cancel the last time she had planned on coming... so I was really excited that she was going to make it this time.

She called after lunch and told me she wasn't coming. She works at a hospital in Asheville and they called her in to work. The day was just getting blehier and blehier. The girls were supposed to be taking a nap...they were jumping up and down in their beds, turning the lights on and off, stripping down naked and throwing all the toys and their clothes out of their beds and onto the floor. I had to go up three or four times and try to get them to lay down. After dressing them again...It was just one of those times when I was thinking SHEESH can I just have one thing go right today!!

I was cleaning up lunch and looked out the kitchen window and there on the electrical wire were four bluebirds. They are the cutest little things! I had never seen a real blue bird until I moved up here to Ohio. Just icky old bluejays down south.

I get excited when I see a bluebird here because it's just so rare that it happens. Now here were 4 of them just about 30 feet away from my window. I attempted to get some pictures of them, but they are all pretty much blurred.

I took it as a little reminder from the man upstairs that my day is just as good as I make it. So quit being mopey, put a smile on my face and get over it. Sometimes I need a little smack over the head to remind me just how nice things really are.

Now I want to go out and buy some bird food and some of those cute little blue bird houses....

Here are my blurry pics. If you can't laugh at my horrible photography skills *or at least chuckle* then something surely is wrong with you!


Terhune said...

Nic pics sis! No seriously, glad you got a little bit of a pick me up from the blue birds. Kiss the girls for me and tell the hubby hello. Yes, I am procrastinating on my paperwork but what else are computers for???

ian said...

I'm just astounded at the FOREST you have behind your house. I mean, that's like OLD SCHOOL haunted woods back there.

I live in a suburb. We have carefully-planned trees no older than 7 years throughout. Bah.


LeeAndra said...

Yep there are some woods back there! It's a regular Blair Woods. I haven't had much opportunity to go exploring back there yet. Been pregnant or chasing around babies...there is a small creek and some caves I seriously want to check out. Our house is set on about 4 acres of land and the houses around us are situated in a way that most of the land can't be developed. It's nice...5 minutes from the grocery store but in the woods. Gotta love living in the middle of nowhere Appalachia.

velvet girl said...

Boy, you're so lucky to have had real bluebirds in your yard! If they can't make a blech day better, nothing can.