Saturday, December 09, 2006

What have I been up to?

Well, I have been a busy person since that last post I made. Brad and I flew to Atlanta for the SEC Conference Championship game. It was my first time in Atlanta. I had been to the airport but never stayed in the city. It was fun and interesting to say the least.

The fun started at the Akron airport. Dumb ole me, I totally forgot about the whole "no liquids on the plane" thing. Here I am with my body spray, shampoo, toner, lotion, etc. Not to mention the various liquids in my make-up case. So....they pull me to the side, go through my bag. I WAS going to take my bag with me on the plane...but now I had to check it.

Not that bad, the security peeps were nice, and didn't treat me like I was an idiot. We had plenty of time because our flight was delayed an hour.

Made it to Atlanta and went to the baggage claim area. My bag never showed up. I cried...we go to the desk. They run a check and find out, my bag never got on our plane. It was still in Akron. I just have a hard time understanding how that could happen. Even after I checked the bag, we sat in the terminal for an hour. How could they not have put my bag on the plane with everyone else's bags. There were people checking in after I checked my bag. The woman at the desk assures me that my bag is on the next flight and they will have my suitcase to me that evening.

We get on the train and ride to our hotel. It is super nice. Sit down in the lobby bar and have a drink, then I go upstairs to rest a bit.

We met my cousin and his wife there and they were going to have dinner with some of his family. We decided to go out on our own and try to find this little Indian food rest. we had looked up on the internet.

We totally go to the wrong place and end up going to three different places before we found anything that looked promising. Atlanta is very strange. There doesn't seem to be any one place that has a rest/ club/bar area. In Little Rock there is the Riverfront. In Marietta we have Front Street. Everywhere I've been seems like there is one area where you can go and find some place to eat, a bar to hang out in, etc. Not in least not where anyone was telling us to go.

We walked around a little bit and found an awesome restaraunt/sportsbar and had a really nice dinner. Right before I was going to offically freak out on Brad. I was tired, hungry, and I didn't have my luggage..I was border line panic attacking for sure.

Went back to the hotel and hung out in the sports bar. Most of the people there were Gator fans but that was okay. Everyone was very cordial and we had a blast hanging out and good naturedly ribbing each other. There were many calls of "Orange...Blue..." and "Wooooo Pig Sooooooie!"

I went to bed around midnight and was called at 2 am by the person bringing my luggage. Did I want her to bring it up to my room. Hell no! I said half asleep. I'll get it in the morning.

Next moring comes and we are getting ready to go out before the game. Brad starts looking for our tickets. He can't find them. We go through everything, empty out the suitcases, purses, pockets..everything. He thinks he left it down in the lobby bar when we met my cousins and gave them their tickets. We call the front dest and no one turned any in. They give us replacement tickets to the aquarium.

One more time we look and just before we give up hope the tickets are found behind a notepad in the folio Brad was carrying. Much happiness and relief is felt by all.

I have to say that the aquarium in Atlanta is AWESOME!!! I could have stayed there most of the day. The Beluga whales are so very cute, and they have the scariest looking crabs I have ever seen. They are about 4 feet across and look like giant ass spiders...or something from Alien. Very cool, oh and the sea horse exhibit was absolutely beautiful. I bought the girls some really cute t-shirts there.

We walked through Olympic Park. It is very nice... We walked around some, saw the Hard Rock, watched part of the Christmas Parade... had lunch. Then got ready to go to the game. We went to the pep rally before the game. It was fun, got our picture made together. Then off to the game.

We had really nice seats. That is an great arena. I don't think there really are any bad seats. We were in the upper deck but it wasn't steep like some places. You didn't stand up and feel like you were going to fall flat on your face in the middle of the field. The people sitting all around us were nice and we all had a great time at the game even if we lost.

Went back to the hotel after the game and had a drink in the bar, went upstairs and ordered room service *chocolate cake and coffee to drown our sorrows* and then went to bed.

Got up early next day did a little shopping and heading for the airport. *I boxed up my liquids and the hotel was so nice to ship them home for me so I wouldn't have to check my bag going home*. We made our flight with no delays, and were home and with our kiddoes by 6 pm I do believe.

Lots of fun and it was our first whole weekend away from the girls. I didn't freak out and they were very good for the grandparents. Although, I think the grands were glad to see us back. The girls do wear you out.

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